Partnership for Wedding Professionals.

Why do wedding professionals choose to partner with TextMyGuests?
Include TextMyGuests in your service offering to obtain these benefits:
  • Differentiate among other wedding planners  |  Offer a unique product to your client
  • Enhance the guest experience  |  Adds a personal touch from the bride and groom
  • Eliminate chaos  |  Keep your timeline on track
  • Keep guests informed  |  Avoid bothering vendors with questions
In addition, by becoming a professional partner you gain these advantages:
  • Reduced prices  |  Our partner pricing is available exclusively to you and your clients
  • Concierge service  |  Get one-on-one attention from our staff at any time
  • Brand integration  |  Present an on-brand product to your client
  • Referral benefits  |  Get rewarded for referring clients
What are the terms of our partnerships?

TextMyGuests offers three types of partnerships with wedding professionals. As one of our partners, you have the option to engage in one, two, or all three of these relationships. Typically this will depend on the level of service you are offering to your client.

I. Full service partnership

Example text

II. Partial service partnership

Example text

I. Promotional service partnership

Example text

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